Thoughts I Just Had To Write Down

Balloons are happy but not alive (Holmes & Watson w/ Will Ferrell)

People don’t give up their bad habits until they’re firmly convinced that what they’re doing is an obstacle to where or who they want to be. Feeling bad rarely results in doing better (Andy Stanley)

Questions for singles who want to meet Mr/MRS Right: Are you becoming the person your ideal mate would want to date? Are you the person your ideal mate is really looking for? (Andy Stanley)

The more you love the more you will sacrifice
(Michael Youssef )

I like things that are round, furry and not alive. It’s like having a puffy dog without the commitment.

Why I never had children: I’m terrible at setting boundaries with people who don’t have them. Come to think of it, that’s probably why I don’t enjoy my elderly parents.

Giving shows evidence you trust God and are certain He will take care of you. God loves a cheerful giver. 2 Cor. 9:7 (Someone who gives hilariously)

When You Give: (may not apply if the recipient will abuse the gift or you can’t afford to give much)
Give cash
Give when it’s unexpected (not on a holiday)
Give to Individuals (Not just institutions)

Give Attentively (listen around you for the hidden need)
Does your coworker need car repairs? Is someone in your walking group recently unemployed? Is your neighbor cash strapped because they had a car accident, lost a wage earner, needs dental work or has some other medical need? Eavesdrop on the conversations around you. LISTEN and then ACT)

Give Big
Don’t give $100. Give $300 or more. Live below your means if possible. Free up cash by giving up things you don’t need. Save all your non pennies in a jar and never touch it until you’re ready to give. (Never give small when you can make a bigger impact giving big)

Give in a way that it points to the God that’s has your back (and theirs too if they trust Him!)

Give with no strings attached. (You can mention a need you hope to help with but no burdensome directives)

Give hilariously. Surprise them with assorted gifts with the biggest surprise at the bottom. (buy a box or a furry stocking with cheep little gifts that are amusing colorful or simply off the wall . Throw in balls of wrapping paper or confetti BUT ALSO INCLUDE THE CASH AT THE BOTTOM in an envelope where they’re sure to find it)

Give with a note of encouragement. (Something that points to the Great Giver)
Give anonymously: If it’s a large amount of money where it could make the other person uncomfortable or change the relationship: funnel the gift through a trusted middleman who will keep you anonymous.




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