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The Difference Between Intelligence and Genius

Intelligence: Being able to learn from your own mistakes
Genius:  Being able to learn from other people’s mistakes

True Humility
Is not thinking less of yourself but thinking of yourself less.
You are valuable to God. But never let your value get in the way of listening to God or loving people.

The Difference Between Salvation v. Sanctification
Salvation: We accept Jesus into our life and the Holy Spirit makes His home within us.
Sanctification: The Holy Spirit has now moved into His new home. We are saved. We are forever His. But then…just as we get all nice and comfortable, The Holy Spirit starts re-arranging all of our furniture!

Stay Where I Can See You.
Ever want to thoroughly confuse your kids? Just tell them to “stay where I can see you.” This warning makes no sense to them. If you think about it, your 4 year old is three feet closer to the ground than you are. They have no idea what you can and cannot see. So next time you’re at the pool or beach, be to sure to tell them “STAY WHERE YOU CAN SEE ME.”

The Definition of FEAR
Think of fear as “False Evidence Appearing Real.” It’s the story we tell ourselves of what could happen to us, and usually it’s a narrative where God’s peace, power, provision and protection, are conspicuously absent! (As if God didn’t exist in our lives at all!) And this makes it FALSE!

The Definition of SIN
Self Inspired Narrative. If the story of your life is all about your goals, your accomplishments, your successes, or anything where you did it without communing with the Living God, then this is SIN. Even if it’s about preaching to people or bringing people to Christ.


Getting An Overtalker Off The Phone/Limiting The Time of The Call
So you like being friends but need them off the phone? When people won’t listen that you have to go, here’s how to break their momentum, seize control of the conversation, and then bring it to a happy close. And also how to guarantee your future conversations will be short and sweet!

Say to them Excuse me I have to put you on hold for a moment. Count to twenty. Rearrange your desk, stretch your arms, or walk down the hall. But when you return, be the first to talk. Immediately seize control of the conversation without taking a breath or asking if they’re on the line. Then either summarize what you plan to do and say good bye. Or you can say “Hi John. Look, now is a bad time. I have to go but we’ll talk later. Bye.

Only Return Their Calls When You Know They Will Have To Go Shortly. So you miss your friend but hate talking for hours? Then call ten minutes before their favorite TV show. Or within ten minutes of when they have to pick up the kids, eat dinner, do laundry, go to work, go to school, etc. Get to know their schedule. And screen their calls so you can return them at a time that works best for you. For More See Dealing With Overtalkers

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  1. I really liked the way you dealt with over talkers. Now I understand why I have been treated so. Its hard to know when your listener is bored. I always thought that they were just thinking deeply on my “wisdom”. Thanks for the expose. Anon.

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