Do We Have Spiritual Amnesia? Do We Think Facts Are The Truth?

Helen, I write because I know you’re struggling with finances and raising a child with special needs. That in some ways you feel your life is bleak and will never get better. And on the surface, you’re right. You’re a single mom, you’re trapped in a low wage town and your son has lots of… Continue reading Do We Have Spiritual Amnesia? Do We Think Facts Are The Truth?

Feeling Guilty Over Past Sins We’ve Confessed To

  Why False Guilt Hurts God and Keeps You From Getting Close To Him  Ron,  I’ve been thinking about past sins and why we have a desire to punish ourselves for them. Sometimes the punishment takes the form of physically trying to hurt ourselves. Or by doing some kind of body numbing penance. But more… Continue reading Feeling Guilty Over Past Sins We’ve Confessed To

Does God Like Us?

(A Letter To Ron) I’ve been thinking about whether Jesus likes us or not?  We know the Bible says Jesus loves us.  But sometimes that’s hard to understand.  After all, God is holy.  God is all powerful.  God is eternal.  His ways are not our ways… So maybe His love is something totally beyond our… Continue reading Does God Like Us?

Things To Grow By

Below are Life Concepts To Help With Every Day Living Hurt People Hurt People Imagine your colleague begins yelling at you for no good reason. Normally, you’d chew him out in an instant. But when you turn around you find he’s in awheelchair with a spear through his head! Are you still furious with him?… Continue reading Things To Grow By

Love Defined

(A letter to Ron) Love is more than receiving or giving to receive. But what does love look like? I like the idea of having a working definition. So I can know when I’m loving, or only fooling myself. This is very important. We both want girlfriends. And eventually wives. So how do we love… Continue reading Love Defined